Vfast owns and operates its own core fibre network that spans the UK. All our services connect back to this, with the ‘last mile’ being delivered in three different ways. Our WiMAX packages involve a small antenna being fitted to your premises. If you choose one of our FTTC packages the 'last mile’ is delivered via copper telephone lines utilising Openreach infrastructure. For the ultimate experience, if you choose our FTTH packages you're pure fibre the whole way!

Unbundled Telephone Exchanges

We have un-bundled BT Telephone exchanges with our own equipment across Kent, this allows us to offer a much better service than simply renting another providers backbone.

Core Network Capacity

Our core network is built around speed and performance. Running at either 40Gb or 100Gb our core network provides our customers with the best latency possible.

WiMAX Technology

Built from the start to provide superfast broadband to customers who can't get it by traditional means. Our WiMAX network covers 90% of Kent - we can reach those rural locations.

Number of Subscribers
Monthly Throughput
12+ TB

We peer directly from our core to major content providers


We have a number of private peering agreements in place that give us a direct interconnection between ourselves and the content providers.
This means that you - the consumer - get a faster, more direct connection to the services you are trying to use.

Our network is built with the single objective of providing the fastest connection possible to YOU! We want our customers to have the best quality and fastest connection available.