Our Mission

To provide our customers with the best service we can, and support them to best of our ability.

For over a decade Vfast Internet has been one of the UK's fastest growing internet service provider's. Our residential services range from fixed wireless broadband (WiMAX), fixed line broadband (FTTC & FTTH), to competitive call packages using broadband rather than traditional phone line (Digital Voice Line).

It all started when the first signs of the so called "digital divide" appeared and it was recognised that large areas of Kent were being left behind in the rollout of broadband.

Many villages and towns were finding that they were too far from the exchange and that existing infrastructure was simply not up to the job, which meant people were not able to realise the huge benefits of the early days of broadband. There had to be another way... and this is when Vfast was born! Utilising the latest and best in wireless technologies, Vfast started delivering broadband to communities across Kent by using small antennas, fitted to customer premises that connect directly back to our own fibre network.

In the years since, not only have we have upgraded and expanded our wireless network, but also invested heavily in installing our own equipment in telephone exchanges. This allows us to offer high speed internet over traditional phone lines, but with a lower contention ratio than other 'big name' suppliers. We've are also in the process of planning our own Fibre network around rural villages, so you'll be able to get superfast broadband straight into your house - making working from a home an absolute breeze.