Broadband Services

Find out more about the different broadband services available from Vfast.

What makes us different

Vfast Internet is one of the UK's fastest growing internet service provider's. Offering Wireless broadband, FTTC & FTTH and Talk packages. Our network was built from the ground up to be one of the fastest, best connected networks in the UK. We have POP's all over the UK including London where we have both public and private peering arrangements with some of the biggest networks in the World. These include Netflix, Google, Amazon, Akamai, Facebook and Limelight just to name a few. We connect to most of our network at either 40G or 100G enabling us to offer some of best performance available.

Fast - AirFibre (WiMAX)

AirFibre is our own product; you get a Vfast product, installed by Vfast engineers with an expert Vfast support team behind you. We even cover some rural areas that other providers can’t.

Superfast - FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet)

We have unbundled over 90% of telephone exchanges in Kent with our own equipment. This enables us to connect to the green boxes local to our customers' premises, without piggybacking on another ISP.

Ultrafast - FTTH (Fibre To The Home)

FTTH (also known as FTTP or 'Full Fibre') is the next generation in internet access. Using our existing partners, and our own fibre network, we are able to offer speeds of up to 1000Mb to your home.


Using wireless technology (similar to your home WiFi) we can beam the internet from point-to-point and into your home - avoiding cables altogether.


Fibre from your nearest telephone exchange to "the green box", then copper into your home over your existing traditional phone line.


Fibre from your nearest telephone exchange to a Distribution Point near by, then fibre straight into your home - bypassing the phone line.